Live Webinar Series

Allan McKay - Master VFX Supervisor/Director



Allan McKay is an award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Director, originating from the Gold Coast of Australia, now living and working in California in the United States.

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DJ Nicke - Master Animator

dj nicke


DJ Nicke is a former Disney Animator, and is now the leading Instructor for Animation Salvation, able to not only teach, but inspire.

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Todd Kopriva - Adobe Documentation Lead



Todd Kopriva is the Documentation Lead for one of the most successful Computer Graphics software applications of all time, Adobe After Effects. Through this live webinar interview, he will be offering a unique insight into his career and position at CG software giant, Adobe...

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Topher Welsh - Industry Blogger & Journalist



Topher Welsh is one of the most renowned Commentators and Bloggers of the CG arena. His articles and blogs are read by millions of VFX and CG operators from countries all over the globe... He is also the creator of, a website aimed at bringing information, news, tutorials, and educational resources to the visual effects and motion graphics community....

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Animation Salvation

anim-salv-promo has set out to bring traditional animation studio training to every animator everywhere!

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