On-Demand Training


Want exclusive access to a real-world, industry professional?

While creating your latest masterpiece, have you ever found yourself stuck on a process? Or would you simply like the opportunity to interact with an instructor in real-time? Well have we got some good news for you.

Now you can book a Live Session with our lead instructor, Dave Scotland.

You can:

  • Discuss an issue or problem you are having with a current project.

  • Get advise on how to tackle a new project or process.

  • Use the live session to teach a certain concept or procedure to an entire student group.

  • Get live feedback and constructive evaluation of your work.

  • Receive a technical evaluation on your pipeline or process.

  • Learn a specific technique which isn't available in the tutorials section.

  • Get honest and industry related advice on your showreel or portfolio.

  • Discuss strategies for finding work in the industry.

  • Get creative consultation on a project.

Simply contact our On-Demand Coordinator to discuss your needs and to schedule the session. Its that simple...

Copyright Information

CG Swot tutorials and project files may be used in your work and commercial projects but you may not redistribute the project files or footage with any sites related to training, templates or stock footage. Using our footage or material for outside training or resources is prohibited. Unless otherwise stated, all images are copyrighted and cannot be used commercially.